Northwater Traditional Barrel

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This bag meets B.C. Safe River standards for Search and Rescue teams and commercial rafters.

Heavy-duty 1000 denier nylon with lots of floatation is burly enough to be fully guaranteed to rafting companies. We recommend our 5/16" (9 mm) 4,500 lb test static Spectra line, which is suitable for Z-drags, belaying and other mechanical systems.

Built to maintain a constant air:water ratio when retrieving, it eliminates bucketing and allows for optimal retrieval and re-throw.

A 1"nylon webbing with side squeeze buckle allows it to be secured to your boat.

60’ by 1/4” Spectrx, 70’ by 1/4” Polypropylene, 60’ by 3/8” Spectrx, 60’ by 3/8” Spectrx, 70’ by 3/8” Polypropylene.