Impex Force Cat 4

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The key difference in the design of the Force versus the popular Performance Touring Line is the decreased rocker. The rocker in the Performance Touring Line offers a great balance of speed and maneuverability, giving the kayaks great diversity for the paddler who does it all. Enough speed and efficiency to take on the longer trips but the agility to maneuver in tight spaces or in big swells. For the paddler wanting increased speed and efficiency and willing to work harder for maneuverability, the hull of the Force has decreased rocker. The unique chine design offers more bite on edge, but unlike a true hard chine, does not get easily tripped up as wind and wave conditions increase. The Force paddles well with a load on and allows ample storage space for the longest trips or for the paddler still learning how to best utilize space. Other features include a longer cockpit opening to allow for easy entry and exit when challenged by advanced rescues and uneven or wave washed landing zones. A deep paddle channel behind the lowered rear cockpit rim allows for a stable paddle platform while performing rescues.